Best Possible Options in American Degrees with INTI’s AUP

Having facilitated the transfer of over 12,000 students to American universities since 1992, INTI’s American Degree Transfer Program (AUP) has the most established credit transfer and articulation agreements with American universities among higher education institutions in Malaysia.

AUP allows students to complete their first two years of studies in Malaysia, enabling them to save tremendously on the cost of studying for a four-year American degree. They can also opt to transfer to the US at any point or to complete up to three years of their studies in Malaysia, depending on their major.

The programme has provided INTI students a seamless transition to a choice of over 300 universities in North America, where they have the chance to experience the world in myriad ways, make their own discoveries and realise their true potential through an education that empowers learners.

“I had a very memorable learning experience at INTI after which I successfully transferred to and graduated from University of Buffalo, New York with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. The two years that I spent in Malaysia were power packed years. I studied with students from Yemen, Nigeria, Indonesia, China, Kenya and many other countries. The friendships that I built then have lasted and grown even stronger over the years. As an international student I could not have asked for a better start to my international journey,” said Sonam Purohit.

For Tania Lee, selecting the university to pursue her interest in nutritional science and dietetics was a matter of getting the right information through research and advice from the University Placement Services at INTI. Her studies at Iowa State University included an internship programme, which took her to Ghana where she participated in activities to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in rural areas.

“As a student at INTI, where opportunities and resources for individual development are abundant, I was inspired to get out of my comfort zone, to explore and see the world for myself, and the momentum has continued in the US and right up to where I am now,” said Tania, who was Chairperson of INTI’s Life Saving and Swimming Club and an active member of the AUP Club.

INTI’s Center of American Education (CAE) has seen many of its students gain admission to top universities including Ivy League universities such as Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and Brown University where INTI students have successfully pursued studies in the Sciences, Social Science and Actuarial Science. Other popular majors for AUP students include Business, Computer Science, Journalism and Psychology.

Given INTI’s strong and long standing ties with US universities, coupled with its alumni’s impressive record of achievements, both on and off campus, many universities have accorded exclusive scholarships to INTI students. AUP students receive more than USD 1 million worth of scholarships from US universities annually, far more than students studying at other private institutions in Malaysia.

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