Sun Yat Sen a World Class Medical University

Sun Yat Sen University is within the top 5 Chinese universities and China has over 1000 universities. In world rankings it is a top 400 university (Good University Ranking Guide 2012 /2013). The university was founded in 1924, and named after the great leader of the Chinese democratic revolution Dr. Sun Yat Sen. For domestic students the University started conducting medical degrees in English medium in 1978.

For the first time in 2006 batch of nine students from Sri Lanka were placed at Sun Yat Sen university to study Medicine in English Medium by International Scholar Educational Services. This first batch of students graduating from San Yat Sen University returned to Sri Lanka in 2011 and sat for their ERPM (Act 16) examination. We are proud to state that out of a batch of nine students eight got through the exam and have found internships. The information we have is nationally out of over 900 medical graduates of foreign universities only less than 150 got through.

The academic curriculum of the university is regularly updated to meet the latest needs of the medical profession internationally as well as domestic requirements of China. There are 8 affiliated hospitals of the university with a capacity of nearly 10,000 beds. There are modern recreational facilities for students. Students are guaranteed on campus accommodation for the duration of their studies in the university.

The university is located in the city of Goungzhou, about 200 Km from the Hong Kong boarder on the coast of the South China Sea. The north campus houses the medical school. It is a very picturesque campus providing an atmosphere very conducive for students undertaking higher education. The student body of the campus is very multicultural mainly with students from SAARC region.

Former Sri Lankan student at San Yet Sen University, Dr. Darshana Rantunga had this to say.

“Sun Yat Sen is well-structured to meet the demands of modern education, providing students with excellent laboratory, library, recreational and hostel facilities.

The University has a fine academic reputation, a knowledgeable faculty body and an ideal environment for study. Students from all over the world are seeking education here as the degrees obtained here are recognized worldwide.
The University houses numerous research institutes, affiliated hospitals, laboratories and academic institutes and provides students with the highest educational standards and in-depth understanding of the subject.

I am glad to have given this great opportunity to study at one of the best and well established universities in China”.

To make use of this valuable opportunity please contact local representative, International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd on 011 2553466/ 2593571 or visit us at No: 3,Daisy Villa Avenue, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04.

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