Student's Testimonials

Mr. Charu de Silva
La Trobe University - Australia : 2016
Was convenient and easy to apply the visa through ISES and best customer service
Ms. T D Bulathsinghala
Monash University - Malaysia : 2016
I’ve always admired the fact that you kept me updated on very single detail and followed up on all the documents.
A very approachable staff too. Without anyhesitation I would recommended your services to others.
Ms.C Tharanga Wanigasekara
Swinburne University - Malaysia : 2016
I’m so appreciative of the way you helped me to achieve my goal. Thank you for helping me and special thankto Mrs. Wathsala
Ms.J Christina Ludowyke
Monash University - Malaysia : 2016
Very helpful. The service is great. I was very worried about applying and the whole process but your service has helped me
Mr. Mohamed Riyaz Mohamed Shimaz
International Medical University (IMU) - Malaysia : 2016
Very good service
Mr. B.L Wishwa Darshana Balasooriya
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
Very confidential service.
Mr. C A Bandara Thilakaratne
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
I was a bit mad of wanting me here many times since I’m from Kandy. But your service was so organized.
Very good and very well organized
Mr.M. Refai M. Fahmy
Manipal International University - Malaysia : 2016
I personally feel about your services it is very good. It’s really valuable to students who attendedthe exhibition the first time
Mr. M S S Hilmi Farouk
International Medical University (IMU) - Malaysia : 2016
Really good and professional
Mr.D M U Vindula Alwis
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
Excellent support given by the staff of International Scholar, Specially Rishan Who helped in many ways and also not to forget Mr. & Mrs. Jayasuriya who gave immense support with a lot of information given to me.
Ms. I V S Wijesingha.
Monash University - Malaysia : 2016
Thank you so much for all your support. I wouldn’t have even imagined going to a prestigious University like Monash if it wasn’t for you’ll.
Special thanks to Watsalaakki because of whom I even considered going to monash and who relentlessly supported me throughout the entry process.
All the best for your future endeavours and keep up your excellent service. Thanks again
Mr.S W Tharindu Chirantha
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
Very professional &excellent service provided
Ms. C. M. Akkarawatte
Monash University - Malaysia : 2016
Very helpful even though I lived abroad. 
Ms.M. Nadeeshani Lakmini
CSU - Australia : 2016
Very good service. Congrats for the success
Ms. Purusothman Krithica
Monash University - Malaysia : 2016
The services provided by International Scholars are excellent. They guided me in the right path and helped me obtain the necessary documents on time.
Thank you so much special thanks to Watsalaakki. I will recommend International Scholars to many others.
Mr. Sanjeepan Mohanlingam
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
You are doing this process very friendly and we are very happy with your service.
Mr. Renaldi Akshaye Pruthivi Dias
Deakin University - Australia : 2016
Information on representatives visiting the ISES office should be edited quickly on the website and those interested in attending should be notified accordingly. A very professional service.
Information has been passed through clearly and as soon as possible. Knowledge about universities and application details are thorough.
The application process is quite swift, overall, happy with the quality of the service.
Mr. N.W.P. Dasun Rangaka Perera
Curtin University - Australia : 2016
International Scholar is the best company for educational services. Mr. Jayasuriya and the staff helped me preparing the documents for visa.
The lectures given by Mr. Jayasuriya was really helpful. It gave us a huge background on how to live in a foreign country.
Specially, thank you Wathsalaakki and Rishanaiya for helping and guiding me in this process.  
Mr. Kulathunga Mudiyanselage Ravinath Ryan Ellepola
Holmesglen Institute of Tafe - Australia : 2016
I would like to suggest ISES must do some more advertising to spread the brand among others.
Service is very courteous. Appreciate the effort that you people have put on our success.
Ms.Gustinna Wadu Hiranthi Sahanika De Silva
RMIT University - Australia : 2016
Very good services and friendly staff.

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