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Live In Japan, Study for your degree in English at Tokyo International University  (TIU)

Tokyo International University (TIU) was founded in 1965 as a business college, and has since grown into a private university with 5 undergraduate and 4 graduate schools. TIU’s English Track (E-Track) under graduate program offers the opportunity to complete a bachelor degree in Japan while studying in a unique multicultural learning environment.

The E-Track Program consists of two four-year undergraduate majors– Business Economics and International Relations. All courses are conducted in the Enligh medium. As a TIU student, you will join a diverse community that has roughly 6500 students and 1000 international students from 60 different countries.

TIU’s Educational Philosophy is built around “nurturing truly international-minded people”. The E-Track Program cultivates human resources who can look at things from a global perspective, understand the significance of one’s own country, society, and culture, and make sound decisions based on international standards.

During your first year, you will focus on Liberal Arts, Academic Literacy, and Japanese language courses. Major courses begin from the 2nd year.

Japan Studies courses included in the curriculum also allow you to learn about your major in the specific context of Japan. While students are encouraged to continue studying Japanese throughout the duration of their study at TIU, only 16 credits are required for graduation. Japanese language courses are available for all levels of proficiency.

TIU is located near Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture, just over 30 minutes from central Tokyo. Convenient, safe and clean, Tokyo is one of the easiest cities to live in. With the largest city economy and population in the world, Tokyo offers many opportunities for employment after graduation. TIU students can gain valuable practical experience through internships and career practicum courses.

The cost of accommodation in the Tokyo area is much more affordable than cities like New York, Sydney and London. Students can work part-time upto 28hrs a week while studying. TIU also offers excellent students tuition reduction scholarships ranging from 30%  up to 100% of tuition. 

For more information about the E-Track Program and how to apply, contact TIU’s local representative below;

International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd
No:03, Daisy Villa Avenue, Colombo04

[email protected]



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