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Malaysia is a very popular study destination among Sri Lankan students wishing to pursue the higher education overseas and it is also a very popular study destination among global international student community. In the Asian region it has established itself as an education hub. Most Asian parents prefer Malaysia because there is a similarity in cultures where school leavers can experience some degree of independence in a loosely controlled environment before moving in to more liberal but very complex societies of the west for their postgraduate studies.

It is a sound stepping stone for anyone who aspires to traverse the global career opportunity market place. Currently there are over 180,000 international students in Malaysia and have set itself a target of having 250,000 students by the year 2025. For any international student it is very easy to assimilate, it has a very cosmopolitan society, English is spoken widely and accommodation is very affordable.   There is a wide choice of world class universities offering a broad cross section of programmes.

This is a very important factor for Sri Lankan students who are conscious of university ranking and brand names. Nowhere else in the world a student can think of studying in a world top 100 university for less than the fees charged in Malaysia. Many top universities from traditional education destinations have established international campuses in Malaysia. Others have partnership arrangements where they offer part of the programme in Malaysia and remainder of the programme in the host country at parent foreign university. Or students have the opportunity to complete the entire degree of a partner foreign university at a reputed Malaysian education institute and get the same degree awarded by the parent university for 1/3 the price.  

International Scholar Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd. (ISES), pioneered promoting Malaysian education institutes in Sri Lanka. Since coming into education market in around the beginning of the 21 st century Malaysian education institutes have proven themselves to be a popular choice among Sri Lankan students and parents. Particularly students from leading private schools   and international schools choose Malaysia as the destination to pursue higher education. In Malaysia they get accustomed to living and working with a global cohort. Most Malaysian universities are campus universities and where student’s safety is a priority.

It is easy to get a visa for a parent to visit their child in Malaysia and the cost of travel is affordable. The other advantage for Sri Lankan’s is that they are not required demonstrate financial capacity to get a student visa. The very friendly and highly professional staff at ISES have a wealth of experience in helping students to find perfect fit education programme overseas. Over a period spanning two decades thousands of students have benefitted from free services offered by ISES.   Internationally ISES represents over 100 universities and institutes in10 countries. There are over one hundred very positive GOOGLE reviews by happy students who were served by ISES. To get a very professional and ethical service contact ISES on ………..