The education industry is escalating into new scopes as the students of the modern era are more willing to push the boundaries and explore new horizons to achieve their goals. The majority of the students nowadays tend to upscale their academic record up to a tertiary level studying in local universities, private Institutes, or professional Institutes. The growing tendency among Sri Lankan students after their secondary level of education is to fly abroad to complete their tertiary education. The countries that are trending among them are Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the USA which evidently possess a strict philosophy and a visa culture for new entrants except for a few selected shapes and forms.

It is at this point that it matters who the student chooses to carry out his or her life-changing decision to pass through the gateway, or whether to do that by himself or herself taking the responsibility of a visa application and the pressure and risks associated especially considering that there is no prior experience and little knowledge possessed by the student.

Agents have representative agreements and direct links with universities. They are privy to frequent updates of the universities on the courses, changes in the curriculum, current fees, new scholarships as well as changing demands and opportunities prevailing in the host country. For a student hoping to study abroad and thinking of undertaking the arduous task of submitting a successful application to a foreign university, followed by a successful visa application the University website may be the go-to source of information. The information in the websites may not be very user-friendly and the site itself may be difficult to navigate.  Some information may be password protected. A good foreign university representative would have the most up-to-date information and be very knowledgeable of the processes involved.  A student using the services of a knowledgeable representative benefits from the connections they have with the universities represented to ensure a successful application is made, which requires explaining your suitability to be offered a seat and get you the offer of a place in the shortest time. As mentioned above, the visa process requires a strategic address from the top to the bottom, ensuring no errors are made. Every country has its own terms and practices in issuing a visa to a student, and an ethical agent takes the responsibility of aligning to these practices in a genuine process to ensure a successful outcome with the least risk and stress for the student.  What is intimidating is that one small mistake you make can determine the failure of the entire outcome of the visa application that not only makes an impact on the current education plans but may impact all future travel aspirations for a lifetime. 

International Scholar has a wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over a period spanning more than two decades. In addition to providing accurate data and offering a professional service in the application processes, the staff at International Scholar often provide valuable free consultancy services on career guidance and post-study opportunities that are being offered in various overseas study destinations. 

It is of utmost importance that the chosen agent act with honesty and integrity. Over the years International Scholar has built a reputation as a very ethical and highly professional overseas education consultant. There are close to 350 very favourable Google Reviews of International Scholar, from a very happy clientele being a testimony to the very ethical and professional nature of its services. 

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