GCE Ordinary Level results have been released, and “what next” may be in the minds of many students. The usual practice for most would be to proceed to study for the GCE Advance Level. To a great extent for those students wishing to pursue careers as Engineers or Doctors, it is always recommended that they proceed to study for the GCE Advance Level. Also, for those students wishing to enter a government university in Sri Lanka, there is no choice but to proceed to study for Sri Lanka, GCE Advance Level. 

For the rest, there are many alternatives, which are more beneficial than proceeding to study for the GCE Advance Level. Studying for a university foundation has many merits. The most obvious benefit is the very short duration of the programmer. A foundation usually has a duration of one academic year or two semesters, which refers to eight calendar months. As such a student has the option to complete a university entry qualification in eight months. The degree programme takes three years, which means the student has the opportunity to graduate within 4 years of completing the GCE Ordinary Level exam. Usually, it takes close to four years before entering a university upon completion of the GCE Ordinary Level exam. For most students undertaking a foundation programme, chances of success are very high and there is no requirement to attend additional tuition classes. Students undertaking foundation programmes have greater teacher-student contact as the class sizes are small. Undertaking a foundation allows the student to proceed to start a career much earlier. 

A student who has undertaken a foundation programme, would be provided training on essential skills, such as communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills. Also, the student will have the benefit of improving their English language skills. 

Moving forward after the foundation, students can complete their studies here in Sri Lanka or in a popular study destination such as Australia or the UK. Also, students will have the option to complete a portion of the degree here in Sri Lanka and the remainder on the mother campus in a popular study destination. The degree will be awarded by a world’s top-ranked university.  

Moving to a private university would mean that the student will be able to choose a study programme of his/her choice. 

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