Going overseas to study is a major decision to be taken by any student. For advise on such a crucial decision in life, it is important to consult an experienced professional. If you are a student wishing to go abroad for your higher education, we at International Scholar can help you with the complete application process absolutely free. Our service can be from providing initial career guidance to complete the entire process of selecting and applying to suitable university up to point where the visa application is submitted.

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We work with leading schools and higher education institutes in Sri Lanka, where our services are used to counsel their students wishing to study overseas. We have over the years helped many students to secure scholarships in leading universities and colleges overseas. It is a company policy that we work only, with reputed education establishments overseas.

The management of International Scholar are highly reputed professionals who have lived, studied and worked overseas. The accolades we have received from our principals is further testimony to our ethical behaviour and professionalism we have displayed when providing our services.

The very high visa success rate that we have in our application submissions is over 90%, which is a demonstration of the competence we employ in our work. It is our policy to ensure that every student counselled is counselled in the most ethical manner, giving priority to what is best for the student.

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