It is that time of the year many young aspiring students are applying to go abroad for their Higher Education. Applying to study abroad without expert help can be a stressful experience.  Team of Expert Counsellors at International Scholar will, Make the Dream of study abroad work without all the hassle, absolutely free. The expert Team at International Scholar have many years of experience, in helping thousands of aspiring International Students from Sri Lanka to lodge successful applications to study abroad. On the 1st visit to the lovely International Scholar Office at Scholar House, the very friendly and professional staff at International Scholar will greet every visitor cordially and work tireless to ensure no applicant is disappointed. The reputation of International Scholar as highly professional Career Guidance and Placement Consultancy is built on the demonstration of the dedication of attending to every minute detail in the whole application process from start to finish. Our claim of very high customer satisfaction is backed by the fact that we have received over 370 google reviews and achieved a 5 Star rating.

For the untrained, the application process may appear to be a rather daunting task. We at International Scholar will ensure that applications are handled with least hassle to applicant. All the required information would be provided accurately and efficiently. Every applicant will be guided with patients and care to ensure every application is a successful application. There are subtle intricacies that can be a hair splitting exercise to discern for the novice and lead to error. Working with the highly experienced counsellors at International Scholar such issues will not stress out the applicant. The Team at International are happy to handle all the hard task and leave the applicant completely at ease. 

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Good Team Work Make Dream Work!For details call International Scholar on 0765315540 or email [email protected]