The first step for someone planning to pursue higher education in an English speaking country is to get the required number of marks or the required band score in the IELTS exam. The main reason for writing this post is to help those who are unable to realize their dreams due to not being able to pass this exam. First let’s see what IELTS is.

IELTS- International English Language Testing System stands for IELTS for short. As the name suggests this is an international English language test. That means British, American, Australian and many other countries accept IELTS as a suitable test of English Proficiency for International Students to study in their respective countries.

The exam will test four skills related to English language.





Also, there are two streams or formats in IELTS. One is the Academic IELTS stream and the other being the General Training IELTS stream. For students wishing to study overseas and or wanting to gain registration with a foreign professional body are required to undertake IELTS academic stream and for those intending to apply for migration or a work visa are required to undertake IELTS in general training stream (examples only).

Every student wishing to sit for the IELTS exam should keep in mind that IELTS is not just English. IELTS is an exam. Like any other exam, this exam also has a structure and a marking scheme. Therefore, it is important to know the structure of the paper, how the questions are posed and the techniques of getting marks like in any other exam. 

There are many samples of IELTS papers and mock exam questions available for free in the internet which should help any interested student to get acquainted with the structure of the IELTS exam and the marking methodology. Also, there are many printed IELTS exam papers and books. Not all these books are of the same quality.  Authentic IELTS past papers Published by Cambridge examinations board with answers are also available. Practicing with these papers under exam conditions would be a good gauge for an international student to measure their competency to face an IELTS exam.  

For those students who are weak in English, it important to improve their English Language skills before attempting to sit IELTS exam. To improve English Language skills learning grammar and memorizing alone will not do. It important use the language. To use the language, read as much as possible, where possible read loudly so that pronunciation is practiced. Learn and use ten new words every day. Listen to English songs and listen to English news. Also watch English movies. These activities will help to attune the brain to the English Language.    

Work hard and consistently to realize your dream of studying overseas and getting an internationally recognized qualification. 

Good Luck !!!..