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Present day students have many choices of pathways to continue their higher education. The question for many is ”what is the best choice to suit my circumstances”. The circumstances of two students are different and when making a career choice there needs to be rationality behind such decisions. That rationality should not be, a friend or relative did a particular course and he / she is doing well and I should do the same. It does not work like that. It is import for a student to spend time with oneself and understand one’s requirements and capabilities.

Courses offered by RMIT are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of business and the broader community, and to provide students with specialised content relevant to professional and personal success in a rapidly-changing world. Whatever your reason for study, there is a course to suit your needs. RMIT is a global university of technology and design and is Australia’s largest tertiary institution.

Sunday Observer Engineering is a very popular field of study among students wishing pursue higher education. There are many institutes offering engineering degrees from various countries and wanting to attract international students. Some of these courses are offered here in Sri Lanka as well. There is a large disparity in the cost of studying in different countries. Costs vary greatly in terms of fees charged as well as living expenses.

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