Almost every young person aspires to have a good education. At sometime in every educated person’s life, if he or she gets an opportunity to study in a developed country, that education would be a great asset. Today, education is unfortunately big business. Unless you are fortunate to get a scholarship, gaining this foreign education is very expensive. For that matter, private education in Sri Lanka, although less costly than studying in a foreign country, is not cheap. For the rich countries, earnings from selling education is a major source of foreign exchange. The good news is that competition to attract students from developing countries has created many opportunities for those seeking a good education abroad. 

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The opportunities come in different forms. Initially the objective is to find out the career or the profession that fits an individual. Then one has to find a university or technological institute to pursue the education or the training. Once a person has made a large investment in his or her education or training, they would like to know how to get the best “return” on his or her investment. Traditionally the expectation was that a person completing a foreign education would return to his or her country of birth.  In the past, a person returning home with a qualification from a reputed university overseas was guaranteed good employment prospects in their own country. This is not the case anymore. Globalization has changed all that. Developed countries also face problems with low population growth and aging populations. The governments in developed countries have designed various schemes to attract bright young people to come to their countries and pay to get an education, then remain to take advantage of the superior employment opportunities available in the developed countries.  However, there are restrictions and various conditions to comply with. Hearsay is not the way to go about making decisions on a matter that is bound to shape the future of your life. You need guidance from a trusted professional for this.

The challenge is to find out which country and / or institution offers the best opportunity. What is best differs from person to person depending on individual circumstances. It is difficult to find many organizations that have the experience to advise and provide information on a wide spectrum of opportunities in a number of different countries. For a period spanning over two decades, we at International Scholar Educational have been helping Sri Lankan students to find their “best fit” when it comes to career choice and opportunities.

The great service we offer at International Scholar is that information on all the above aspects is provided at no cost and without any obligation to use our services afterwards. All our directors have lived, studied and worked in the UK, Australia and Sri Lanka. They are all widely travelled people. ISES has helped young people in Sri Lanka for over 23 years to find suitable education and career opportunities in many countries in the world. This is a unique track record. We take training our staff very seriously. We are keen to see that staff trained by us remain with us, and their knowledge and experience benefits the students who consult us. Staff are given the foreign exposure necessary to advise aspiring students, by attending seminars and workshops organised by the universities. This also gives International Scholar staff a chance to see the facilities available at these universities and establish valuable contacts with university staff, all of which is beneficial when helping students to decide which is best university for their studies abroad and make their professional aspirations a reality. The service provided by International Scholar is a very professional service as well as a very caring service. To woo students, we do not tell “fairy tales”. We are very conscious of the fact that we are dealing with young people’s lives.

Naturally, the services we offer have come to the attention of the relevant decision makers in many places. Representatives of universities visit us regularly, to give presentations and interview prospective students. We can add your contact details to our database and inform you of planned visits and arrange an interview. These opportunities help to speed up the process of gaining entry to the university.

Over a period of over 23 years we have helped over 5000 students to find suitable study destinations and career opportunities. Needless to say, International Scholar is an organization with a very high reputation. Drop in at International Scholar for an obligation free discussion on your future. We also welcome parents and provide any additional information they may require.

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