For students from South Asia, Africa and many other parts of the world, UK is the traditional study
destination to pursue higher education. UK is home to a large number of world top ranked universities.
Even today it is a highly sought after overseas study destination, that is very popular among
International Students.
For a while being a member of the European Union, there was a reluctance on the part of UK authorities
to entertain students from other parts of the world. Since, her exit from the European Union in January
2020, there is renewed interest shown by UK authorities to welcome International Students from
countries outside of Europe. In this backdrop, UK authorities have come up with new initiatives to
attract International Students. Even in the current Covid 19 global pandemic UK has opened her
boarders to International Students which is a real blessing for Sri Lankan students wishing to study
Compared to many other popular study destinations, the prevailing visa regime in the UK is more
lenient. Therefore, many students who were unable to avail themselves of a suitable world recognized
education, have now got the opportunity to qualify from a world top ranked university. The system of
education in the UK is open and provides opportunities to International Students with varying abilities to
excel in their chosen fields.
The UK study programmes are more intense and as such much shorter. Therefore, in comparison with
other similar overseas study destinations, the cost of study in UK is relatively more affordable. Due to
the very regimented education system in Sri Lanka, many able and talented students with varying
abilities are deprived of a higher education. Such students have the opportunity to reach the highest
educations levels in the UK.
International students in the UK enjoy many benefits. The children of a student undertaking
postgraduate studies get free education in the UK. Students are required to pay Overseas Student
Health Surcharge at the time applying for Student Visa. Once this is paid all medical treatment is free

Many degree programmes offer industry training as part of the programme, which is known as the
placement year. In most cases it is a paid internship. On completion of their studies an overseas student
will have the opportunity for a 2 year post study work visa followed by a 5 year work visa and then lead
to permanent residency.

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