For a Sri Lankan student wishing to study abroad and undertake a medical or a healthcare programme should consider the intended career to be pursued. To pursue a career in the said fields the qualifications required would vary from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree or higher, as well as on-the-job training or experience and professional registration. It is important for the student to ensure that the intended course would provide the credentials that are required to practice in the chosen profession.  

The well experienced and very knowledgeable counselors at International Scholar would be able to guide you with information on the validity of the studies undertaken overseas, to practice in the chosen profession. 

Before you select a study path to pursue a career in medical or healthcare ask below two questions from yourself?

  • Do you enjoy working with people? 
  • Would you love to spend your life helping people to be healthy and making them happier?

What are the popular healthcare related study fields?

  • Medicine 
  • Nursing Studies
  • Dentistry 
  • Dietetics with Nutrition
  • Pharmacy 
  • Psychology
  • Optometry 
  • Global Healthcare
  • Healthcare Studies/ Healthcare Management / Healthcare Administration 
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Biomedical Studies
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Allied Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Mental Healthcare
  • Physiotherapy

How long is a Health and Medicine degree?

The duration of your studies will vary and it is depending on the institution and your level of study. In general, each level of study takes the following amount of time:

  • Foundation: 1 year
  • Diploma : 3 years
  • Bachelor’s degree: 3 to 5 years
  • Master’s degree: 2 to 4 years
  • Doctorate: 3 to 6 years

How much does a Health and Medicine degree cost?

The tuition fees of your studies will vary and it is depending on the institution and your level of study. The following list is based on the fees structure of both private and public institutions in Malaysia:

  • Foundation: RM 10,000 to RM 28,000
  • Diploma: RM 23,000 to RM 40,000
  • Bachelor’s degree: RM 12,000 to RM 1,000,000
  • Master’s degree: RM 9,000 to RM 67,500
  • Doctorate: RM 12,000 to RM 125,000

Why study Health and Medicine in Malaysia?

As more and more foreign universities conduct campuses in Malaysia, the country continues to flourish as an education hub for international education. 

  • Top Health and Medical universities 
  • Affordability: Tuition fees and living costs are very low when compare with other study destinations
  • Career opportunities

Selecting a university to pursue a health science and medical program is not easy, students or parents looking at tuition fees, university facilities, industry internship opportunities, employability and recognition of the certificate. We, International Scholar as your trusted foreign education consultant is there for you to support and guide you to make the best decision.  

We are here to provide our free and professional service for you to study abroad in Malaysia with the below mentioned universities;

  • Curtin University, Malaysia
  • International Medical University (IMU)
  • Management and Science University (MSU)
  • Manipal University, Malaysia
  • Masha University, Malaysia
  • Monash University, Malaysia
  • Newcastle University, Malaysia
  • Nilai University
  • Nottingham University, Malaysia
  • Quest University
  • Segi University
  • Sunway University
  • Swinburne University, ,Malaysia
  • Taylors University
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) – Public University
  • University of Science Malaysia (USM) – Public University