It is a customary practice of International Scholar to draw attention to and update our students on the
latest developments in the international education sphere. Like most activities around us, international
education is expected to undergo major changes in the years to come. The students of the future will
need to have new competencies and attitudes that are directed at creating a better future. The
Organization for Economic Development and Corporation (OECD), has developed a concept known as
the “OECD 2030 Learning Framework” that is aimed at offering vision and underpinning principles for
future of education systems. To explain this concept a diagram in the form of a “Compass” is used and is
called the “OECD Learning Compass 2030” and it defines the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that
learners need, to fulfill their potential and contribute to the well-being of their communities and the

The COVID 19, pandemic brought about many changes to the ways that students learn. Universities and
education institutes had to accelerate the digitalization process. Due to this process education has
become more accessible to people and changed the way people learn. The virtual classroom has
become a reality. Recorded lectures are made available to be used as and when students wish to study.
But the digital version cannot replace the face to face interaction, at least not just yet.
With the various online learning platforms, the use of Data Analytics to cater to individual learning
requirements, has become a possibility. Language Apps like Duolingo, use artificial intelligence and
machine learning to assess the needs of the learner and tailor teaching to meet individual requirements.
Similar developments will be available in the future to teach other subject matter, which will help
learners to grasp the subject matter faster.
Since education has become more accessible the number of educated will grow. This growth coupled
with the increasing global population will mean a larger proportion of the population will be educated.
But, it would be interesting to see how this demand will be catered for and what would be study content
that would be in demand.
At International Scholar, we strive to keep you posted with the latest