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Anyone interested in Studying, Working and Living in Japan can attend the free information session conducted by Japanese and Sri Lankan consultants in Colombo.

The venue will be held on this (04th October 2019) Friday at the F.R.Jayasuriya Auditorium in the Scholar House, Bambalapitiya.

Session will be started at 2.00 pm and you can apply for 30% to 100% scholarships to study in Japan.

30% - 100% scholarships for qualified students

to Graduate in English medium from Tokyo International University

 Digital Business and Innovation
 Business Economics
 International Relations

Contact your trusted educational consultant
International Scholar on 0765315544 / 011 2553466

After A/L's explore pathways for overseas education.

Students who were sat for the A/Levels can be select your foreign education institute within Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Dubai. 

International Scholar is the most trusted educational consultant celebrating 20 years of excellence. 

The venue will be held on 05th July 2019 from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm at the Prof. F.R. Jayasuriya Auditorium in the Scholar House, Bambalapitiya. 

Please contact for more information using email, phone, whatsApp, Messenger.

Celebrating Women in the Tech Industry

An Initiative by PSB Academy. Singapore

All new full-time female international students will now enjoy $2000 off their full course fees (without exemptions) for Engineering/IT/Cybersecurity Diploma and Degree programmes at PSB Academy, Singapore.
*conditions apply
Please contact us for further details

Sri Lankan’s are fortunate in that we have enjoyed free education since 1945. Our leaders at the time, without a doubt in all sincerity believed that having provided an education to every citizen of the country we will be able to alleviate poverty, become a developed country and achieve prosperity. We achieved a very high literacy rate far above our neighbours. Certain social and economic indicators show that we have done well in the region. But on a global scale we are very much in the bottom half in most instances.

Students in New Zealand are supported to solve problems, process information, work with others, create and innovate. Whichever level you're studying at, New Zealand can give you a high-quality education that will enable you to archive your goals.

Study Areas:

  • Diploma

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Graduate Diplomas

  • Post Graduate Diplomas

  • Masters

In the very competitive global market having qualifications alone is not enough to achieve your career potential. To achieve your career potential one needs to master the Art of Marketing Oneself. We canargue whether Marketing is an Art or a Science. In my opinion there needs to be a great deal of creativity inmarketing oneself. One needs to learn to portray oneself to the target audience as an amazing persona forthe job. But even having the creativity, qualifications and technical knowledge is of little use if one is unableto communicate these abilities to target audience.
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