As many of us agree passing the GCE Advance Level examination is a tough task. The exam is very much memory based and is structured to cover an extensive syllabus delivered over three years. Those students who were not successful at the GCE A/L examination need not be dismayed. It is not the ultimate yardstick to measure a student’s ability. In fact, many have opined that it is not the correct yardstick measure the capabilities of student to pursue his / her higher education. There are many varied reasons for a student not being successful other than their ability. 

In the global education arena, fortunately there are many different and alternative platforms to perform and demonstrate academic ability that would lead to achieving career and life goals. At International Scholar, we believe that education is the right of every child and not the privilege of a “lucky” few. The belief, that education is a universal right of every human being, has lead International Scholar to seek and come up with solutions to cater to the diverse needs of the students wishing to pursue higher education.  In a journey spanning over two decades, International Scholar has helped thousands of very deserving students to find their ideal study destination and best fit career. Needless to say i8n the process the staff at International Scholar have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in sphere of higher education. 

For a student who has only gained an Ordinary Level qualification it is possible to join a career path that would lead to prestigious degree from a world Top Hundred University. There are many very affordable opportunities to undertake higher education for most interested students. Do not let negative talk over shadow the real you. Take that positive step to visit International Scholar. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn of the plethora opportunities that exist in global education sphere. 

In this COVID 19 pandemic situation, if there are any misgivings about travelling overseas to undertake higher education, visit to check on over 3000 courses offered hear in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Scholar is the most comprehensive and up to date website that covers all higher education opportunities that are available in Sri Lanka as well as programmes that offer pathway study in leading universities overseas. 

If you don’t have 3 passes, then you can go for a pathway programme in Australia UK and Canada 

Foundation course in Australia

  1. Vocational education and training – Certificate III and Certificate IV and Diploma programms leading to Bachelor’s 
  2. Foundation programmes – Deakin College, Latrobe College, RMIT, Victoria University, UTS Insearch.

Foundation Courses in UK

  1. Kingston University  – 

Navitas Group 

  1. LBIC – Brunel University College – 
  2. HIC – Hertfordshire University College – 
  3. Study Group – 
  4. INTO Universities & Colleges – 

Special Comments: – Only UKVI IELTS accept for the English language requirement. 

Foundation Courses in Canada. 

Navitas Group

ICM – International college of Manitoba – 

FIC – fraser International College – 

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