Third best student city in the world

Japan has introduced many products to the world, including electric vehicles, digital cameras, optical fiber and the artificial heart. Instant noodles, which have changed the dietary life of the world, and Karaoke, are also innovations of Japanese origin. This creativity arises due to the advanced educational system in Japan, with schools focusing not only on academic achievements but also on the development of human quality.

Tokyo is the third best city for international students as per QS best student cities world ranking and well known as one of the safest cities in the world to study and live.

We at International Scholar are proud to introduce Tokyo International University (TIU) to help Sri Lankan students interested in studying in Japan. Over the last 5 years TIU has grown to be a well-known education institute among Sri Lankan students from all the leading schools. International Scholar has been instrumental in getting generous scholarships up to 100% from TIU for high achieving students interested in studying in Japan. The academic programs offered to International Students at TIU is conducted in English Medium.

Japanese government also support international students by giving stipends monthly which can cover accommodation and transport cost. In this respect, there are few government scholarships available such as JASSO, Kyoritsu International foundation scholarships, Nitori International Scholarship foundation, Lawson international student scholarship etc. However, JASSO is the most famous scholarship amounts to JPY 48000 per month which most Sri Lankan students has been granted.

 It is very heartening to see some Sri Lankan students who have completed their undergraduate studies at TIU, have moved to other top international study destinations such as USA and Austria with full scholarships to undertake their Postgraduate studies.

There are more than 140,000 international students from about 170 countries are studying in Japan currently. In the past most of students went to study in language schools but now Japan welcomes more students for the universities where they teach English medium for both undergraduate and master level. Japan also encourages students successfully completing their studies to remain in Japan and be a part of the very highly paid Japanese workforce. Most of the degree programmes available in Japan is for 4 years and Master programmes are 2 years.

Further the Japanese culture is very much similar to the Sri Lankan culture. There are lot of shrines all over Japan which has calm and very peaceful environment.

Given the above facts JAPAN compares well with other popular study destinations for International students and there are good possibilities to self-fund their studies. Students are allowed to work 28 hours per week on a part time basis during their studies. The number of hours can be extended to 40 per week during university holidays. Approximately 76% of privately financed international students in Japan are working part-time. They earn about JPY 60,000 – 80,000 per month on average.

The visa procedure to Japan is also less complex compared to other countries.

Therefore, Japan can be considered as a suitable study destination for Sri Lankan students to achieve their career plans.

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