How to select a “futureproof” career would be a pertinent question when thinking of wanting to study abroad? Many young people select careers based on hearsay or due to pressure from the family. We at International Scholar can help with finding a suitable “futureproof” career.

First and foremost, a future career should be based on personal traits, likes, dislikes and abilities.

However, unlike in the past, contemporary scenario as well as moving forward has become more complex with addition of having to consider the concept of, select a career that is “futureproof”. This concept is becoming very real by the day with the advent of technologies such as AI, Big Data, Internet of Things and Mobile Technologies. Needless to say, a student who has chosen to pursue higher studies in the above fields or a field in the family of technologies related to the above fields, such as Network Design, Network Security, Block chain Technology etc., would feel ‘’ futureproof”. Having said that, getting involved in these technologies is a continues process of learning. To be a successful professional in these fields one has to be passionate about their profession and need to have mastered the skill of “Learning to Learn” from a young age. On the positive side, for most professionals involved in these technologies, will have the flexibility of working hours and work from a home or a place of their choice (DIGITAL NOMAD).

Another “futureproof” career at least for the foreseeable future is in Construction, Architecture and Engineering related job families. Construction industry is expected to see a continues growth in its various sectors and will continue to offer employment to a wide cross section of professionals in related fields, as the design of structures become complex, sophisticated and very large. Again, the skill of learning to learn have to be mastered by these professionals as well, as the technologies employed in these industries will not escape the effects AI and robotics as time goes on.

A technology that has acquired great importance in the recent times and continue to have a great impact in all our lives is the technologies related to “Green Industries”, such as renewable energy engineering, and technologies related to organic farming, would also be “futureproof” for a considerable time to come.

The most “futureproof” careers would be careers related and involving human services, such as in the Heath care industries, Aged Care Services, and Child Care Services. These services are certain to remain “futureproof” for a considerable time to come, since it will be difficult to come-up with robots who are capable of having human feelings.

The highly experienced staff at International Scholar would be very happy to provide career guidance to students especially who are thinking of studying abroad, on selecting suitable education programmes leading to their best fit career.

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