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Although Dubai is a newer study destination, it’s fast becoming a prominent educational hub in the world. Dubai is part of the seven Emirates that make up the UAE and is known for its modern Arab culture, sparkling cosmopolitan and economic vitality. They welcome well-recognized universities across the world to establish branch campuses such as the University of Westminster and Herriot-Watt University.

A rapidly growing infrastructure, affordable tuition costs, and the multi-cultural community of Dubai has made it a popular choice for Sri Lankan students who want to further their studies abroad.

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Dubai has a strong service-driven economy that is fueled by thriving business in every industry. This gives you a wide range of good learning opportunities through local internships. Universities offer a flexible set of options from a term, to a full semester, entire year and more. They have an inspiring choice of reputed local and international university campuses, giving students the chance to access world-class education that is affordable.

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