Culinary Arts is wrongly identified as cooking. It involves much more to it than cooking. There is a complete art of cooking that would lead to being a professional in the culinary field. 

The field of culinary arts involves preparing, cooking, presenting and serving food as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. Food appetizing is beginning with culinary arts.  We judge food based on its look, how it is presented, how it smells, how it performs, how it feels on the tongue, and, of course, how it makes us feel. You may not know that all of these aspects play a role in our enjoyment of food. So, it is the responsibility of Culinary arts professionals to make sure that we enjoyed our food. 

Culinary art is suitable for students who desire to be a part of the dynamic and rewarding career, whether a student plans to work in a 5 stars’ hotel or running their own bakery/restaurant in the future. There are growing number of job seekers in the field of culinary arts. For anyone interested in a lifelong career in the field of culinary arts, earning a degree is an essential part of making it happen. Culinary certification differs depending on the kind of job you’re seeking, and different jobs require specific training. After completing a Culinary Arts course job seekers can join hotels, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutes, railways as well as the airline industry. 

Job profiles such as;

Chef de cuisine/executive chef, 

Food Stylist, 

Catering Supervisor

Banquet manager 

Food & beverage manager

In-flight food manager 

                can pursue after securing a degree/ diploma in Culinary Arts field.  A certification in culinary arts shows competence that can lead to advancements and higher pay options.

Culinary Arts is not all about cooking and the kitchen. There are major fields in Culinary Arts; 

1. Pastry and Baking – Gives the knowledge of the basics of culinary arts but it will emphasize more on creating desserts and baking goods. 

2. Culinary Management – Gives the knowledge of managing, operating and developing the entire business and also develop management skills, as well as their culinary knowledge.

3. Culinary Arts – Gives the broad, general knowledge of the culinary arts field. Typically, you will get an introduction to the food-service industry, including its history and present environment, as well as an introduction to taste and flavour. Apart from kitchen essentials, culinary techniques, fundamentals, and nutrition, baking and pastry fundamentals might also be taught, as well as meat selection and fabrication. You will be well prepared to create anything in the kitchen and much more. 

There are many advantages for studying culinary arts in Malaysia;

  1. Paying low tuition fees and getting dual certifications from prestigious universities in Europe and Australia
  2. Integrates experiential learning with academics 
  3. High stranded state of art facilities in the schools
  4. Qualified academic staff with sustainable industry experience and high-level teaching abilities
  5. Gaining an internationally recognized qualifications 

In Malaysia, many certification programmes in culinary arts do not require any minimum requirements to cater to the need of students. However, entry requirements depend on the study level and institution. There are so many types of Culinary Arts qualifications such as diploma level, degree level and masters level available for every type of student.  

In university programme, the duration of study is generally as below;

ProgrammeStudy Duration 
Diploma programmes2 years
Bachelor’s degree1-3 years
Master’s degree1-2 years

Selecting a university to pursue a culinary arts program is not easy, students or parents looking at tuition fees, kitchen facilities, industry internship opportunities, employability and recognition of the certificate. We, International Scholar as your trusted foreign education consultant is there for you to support and guide you to make the best decision.  

We are here to provide our free and professional service for you to study abroad in Malaysia with the below mentioned universities that offer Culinary Arts Courses;

Culinary Art in Sunway University

Culinary Art in Taylor’s University

Culinary Art in UCSI University

Culinary Art in SEGI University

Culinary Art in HELP University

Culinary Art in Nilai University

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