As the number of old people increase, the demand for Aged care workers also increases. For an example, in Australia, more than a million people are receiving aged care services. Since the care for old people is the responsibility of the government of respective country, training of aged care workers has become more formalized, resulting in the need to undertake formal studies and obtain relevant qualifications to work as an aged care worker.

The level of study required to work as an aged care worker varies from country to country. In Australia it is possible to study up PhD in field of Aged Care. In other countries where there is an advanced health care system, it is possible to undertake age related studies at tertiary level, it may not be called a degree in aged care.

For Sri Lankan students undertaking Aged Care related courses especially in Australia, there are good career opportunities and a growing demand for professionals in this field, with very good career prospects. In the future, most fields of study may change or become redundant, with greater use of Computers and Artificial Intelligence technology. However, Aged Care or Elder Care, would be one field that would remain shielded from intrusion by technology for many years to come.

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