Studying abroad has become more complicated with effects of the COVID – 19 pandemic. As a result, many students have postponed or put on hold the plans to go abroad for their higher education. Now is the time to re-visit Postponed or on hold plans. All the countries that were closed for International Students have re-opened their boarders or will be re-opening in the near future. Some students have already applied and are proceeding well with their plans. For those students who have withheld their plans, it is time to do the research and begin the process. The friendly staff at International Scholar are as usual would be very happy to assist any student thinking of studying abroad. In 2022, it appears the foreign embassies are more accommodating of student Visa applications. Do not procrastinate, the sooner the application process to search and apply for suitable study programme, university and country is started upon, higher chances of being accepted and granted a visa to apply for a University.

Here are some guidelines for applying to study abroad

Select a study programme that interests you. When selecting a study programme, do your research to ensure that it is in, as much as possible a “Future Proof” area of study. Student can find out more about “Future Proof” careers reading the blog on the subject in the International Scholar website.

Once the study programme is selected, what is the best country to study, in your circumstances. Your choice country will depend on many factors. Currently, in most countries there are attractive opportunities for students. It important to do your own research and seek professional advice on what suits an individual student.

Next hurdle is to select the university / institute that offers the chosen programme, in the country of your choice. When selecting a university or an institute, students need to be realistic, rational and flexible. Important basic factors to be taken in to consideration are affordability, eligibility, where applicable the accreditation from the relevant professional body for chosen programme.

Having decided on the programme, destination country and the institute, the next step in the process is study and understand the application process. It is best student makes an effort to study and get a basic understanding of the university application process and the visa application process. One the most important documents in the application process is the statement of purpose. At International Scholar, we have many years of experience in guiding students on how to write a good personal statement.

Always pay attention to detail when submitting applications. A slight oversight could lead to long delays or the application being rejected altogether.

The highly experienced and very experienced staff at International Scholar are always at hand to help any student wishing to study abroad.

For more information, please contact International Scholar, your trusted overseas educational consultant on 011 2553466 / 0765315540