Every year, thousands of international students are drawn to Cyprus’ universities because the country consistently rates highly for its academic institutions and research facilities.

Cyprus offers students an international academic approach to study and the cultivation of knowledge-based learning that ensures graduates gain the necessary skills to be employed worldwide after studies. Cyprus has over 40 institutions of higher education, 13 public universities, 5 private universities, and more.

The top 8 reasons are listed below for choosing to attend a university in Cyprus.

1. Affordable Education

Foreign students who want to study in Europe but are worried about the costs can still attend education in Cyprus. The typical cost of tuition is between 3,000 and 8,000 euros per year, with Masters’ programs costing between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.

There are a variety of scholarships offered to international students, depending on the university. Additionally, there are government-funded scholarships available, which typically pay 10 to 20 percent of the tuition for postgraduate overseas students from exceptional academic backgrounds.

For international students enrolled in Cyprus universities six months after their first arrival, there are additional options to work in specific businesses. With a work permit, you are able to work part-time while you are a student. Students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week throughout the academic semester. During break periods, students may work up to 38 hours weekly.

A number of universities also offer assistantship programs for foreign postgraduates that allow them to teach, run labs, and grade assignments to cover some of the costs of tuition.

2. Quality Education

Over 20,000 international students studied in Cyprus universities and nearly 7,000 in institutes of higher education during the 2018-2019 academic school year. For the first time, non-Cypriot students outnumber Cypriot citizens at universities, with 53 percent of students coming from other EU member countries or non-EU countries.

The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education actively works to improve quality assurance procedures both internally and externally, as well as to improve the overall competitiveness of higher education in Cyprus.

According to a new report by the Cyprus Statistical Service, most EU countries have the highest share of R&D in the business enterprise sector. However, in Cyprus, the higher education sector accounts for 41.2 percent of total education spending, nearly double that of other EU member states. 

3. Beneficial Course Structure

Despite being a member of the EU, most universities are structured in a manner similar to American-style educational programs, giving students greater freedom to pursue their preferred course of study. Only a few educational institutions adhere to European educational structure models.

Intellectual capital is regarded as the most valuable asset in the national economy by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. The Cypriot government makes significant investments in education while also negotiating agreements with other countries to ensure that all of their programs are accredited and recognized internationally.

Foreign students studying in Cyprus can maintain their global competitiveness while expanding their international experience.

4. Accommodations

Cyprus is one of Europe’s most affordable places to live and work. For any budget, there are a variety of on-campus housing options as well as rentals available throughout all major cities.

As the demand for housing rises due to an increase in foreign student enrollment, a significant number of student housing development projects worth approximately 27.2 million Euros are already under construction. Furthermore, the number of student rooms on campus is expected to increase by over 2,000 by the end of the year.

Foreign students can find plenty of housing options while still having enough money to buy their basic necessities and have some fun each month without worrying about large financial expenses. Cyprus provides a study destination for students concerned about the cost of living.

5. An EU Country with Intensive Networking Opportunities

Cyprus, located in the Eastern Mediterranean and a member of the EU, provides foreign students studying at Cyprus universities with a truly multicultural experience.

Graduates’ knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities gained during their time in Cyprus make them excellent candidates for employment opportunities both at home and abroad.

6. Language 

Concerned about the requirement to know another language in order to study at a university in Cyprus? English is widely spoken on the island, and many universities provide a variety of programs with English-taught courses for international students.

If English is not your first language, you must demonstrate proficiency with a TOEFL or IELTS exam. Some university programs, however, provide English language training prior to the start of foreign students’ study programs in order to improve their English abilities.

7. Safety

Foreign students’ safety while studying abroad is always a major concern. When you study at Cyprus University, you can rest assured that you are in one of Europe’s safest countries.

With only a few reports of petty theft, crime rates are extremely low. Most Cypriots feel safe walking alone at any time of day or night.

8. A Unique Experience

The reasons why you should study at Cyprus universities are numerous, but to round out our list, let us mention how fantastic Cyprus is for international students. Foreign students frequently compete for the same global destinations in Europe.

Cyprus, with its rich history and vibrant culture, as well as its location in Europe and proximity to other fascinating international destinations, provides foreign students with an experience unlike any other.

Consider all of the unique stories you’ll have as a foreign student studying in this emerging educational destination, as well as the memories you’ll have in all areas of the island’s dynamic cities and landscapes that are unlike any other European destination.

With so many options and lifestyle concerns to consider, choosing an international university to study abroad can be frightening. There are numerous advantages to studying at Cyprus universities in terms of educational quality, cost of studying abroad, and lifestyle improvement.

International Scholar can assist you in finding the right university for your specific studies, as well as preparing your application and finding the perfect accommodation while you are in Cyprus. Contact our team today and start learning about the opportunities that await you to study at Cyprus universities.