Have you decided your career path after A/Ls International Scholar can help to find the best fit ?

Students who did local Advance Level examination  may have choosen their future career path by now. There may be some students who are deciding what to study and, where to study after receiving their results. Some may be lucky to continue their career as planned, but there may be others who couldnot achieve what was expected and proceed as planned.  

In either case you need to get correct and sound advice before you proceed. This is where an Educational Consultant like us can help.  At International Scholar we provide a free and comprehensive service to students wishing to pursue their higher education either overseas or locally. For eligible students there are many scholarships on offer in number of our partner universities overseas.

It is important to choose a career that fits the likes, dislikes and abilities of a student. Another factor to take note of when making study choices is the future career cum lifestyle aspirations of a student. These are questions that a student needs to answer and correct answers can be found only by the student. Others can help the student to find answers but they cannot find the answers for the student.

Traditionally in Sri Lanka, students choose their courses based on preconceived ideas. Sometimes the decision as to what a student should study is made by the parents, without considering the abilities and personal attributes of the student. Also there is a marked lack of planning when making career decisions by students contemplating higher studies. Needless to say this is not the best way to choose the future career directions in the life of a young person. This activity should be given much deeper thought and if necessary proper advice needs to be sought. This activity is analogous to laying the foundation for a large structure. There cannot be a sound structure on a weak foundation. If the foundation is weak there is always the possibility that under adverse circumstances the structure may fall apart.

It is only an experienced and knowledgeable counsellor who could offer correct and comprehensive advice to a young person contemplating future career directions.  With experience of over two  decades, International Scholar are well placed to provide this service to prospective students as well as parents. Over the years we have helped nearly 4000 students to find suitable education destinations.  Also our advisors are professionals with many years of experience of studying, working and living overseas.

We have experienced that for genuine students the cost of study in overseas could be more affordable than you think. In overseas study destinations visa requirements of immigration authorities are changing frequently. These changes need to be monitored and students advised accordingly.

Counsellors should be careful not to provide false information and give unrealistic expectations to students. Irrespective of the ensuing financial gain or loss it is important to provide factual information.  At International Scholar you could rest assured of a very professional and genuine service.

In the “Global Village” the opportunities are many. To take advantage of the opportunities available, a well thought out strategy needs to be put in place. We at International Scholar will work with you to design and draw  up a tailor made plan for each student. Make no mistake visit  International Scholar at Scholar House No: 3, Daisy Villa Avenue, Bambalapitiyaor call 011 2553466 or 2593571.

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